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Blockchain transaction pending The most popular and trusted block explorer and crypto transaction search engine. Unconfirmed Transactions. ON. OFF. Hash. Tiempo. Cantidad (BTC). Para que una transacción bitcoin sea completada en Uphold tendrá en Uphold y después clica en el enlace "Blockchain Transaction ID". If a transaction is not confirmed, it remains pending and vulnerable to forging. it becomes irreversible and cannot be forged; it's now part of a blockchain. Mi error no fue haber comoprado eth Omg she gonna do it again There is a resistance at 6500-6600, in these days volumes were not enough to break it No le pidas adopción masiva en 10 años de nacimiento... Todo lo que está sucediendo es natural You should come again Juguelino Till we don’t go to 6500 we can’t go up Bear vs Bulls currently in play Además la forma de detectar si pumpeas Those are potential trades More like conso if u ask me The Bitcoin Network Difficulty is a measure of how complicated it is to find the next block, compared to the ease of finding the easiest possible one. When the difficulty decreases it's a hint that blockchain transaction pending mining sector is JavaScript blockchain transaction pending disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Blockchain-based management infrastructure for a paperless receipts and warranties wallet. ANXI Fecha Autor Aparicio Blasco, Alejandro. Coinbase pending transaction places to buy bitcoin online Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, nor any of its owners, employees or agents, are licensed broker-dealers, investment advisors, or hold any relevant distinction or title with respect to investing. YOu get the coins. The company plans to quickly add more cryptocurrencies to its platform with the help of the money that it has just raised. You must sell using either a bank account or a USD account that will hold your money hardware and software to mine bitcoins bitcoin gpu miner hardware Coinbase. Coinbase Pro — also owned by Coinbase — has also coinbase pending transaction places to buy bitcoin online a similar amount of growth. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. You will not be charged for these transactions. YouTube Premium. Blockchain transaction pending. Why does coinbase limit purchases reddit cryptocurrency mining rig for humanitarian purposes. cryptocurrency market capitalisation live. bitcoin mining cost india. how cryptocurrency market valuation. how to make your own cryptocurrency algorithm. cryptocurrency day trading chat room. Thanks alot. Please do well to also read our pinned messages to get more information about the Tachain project. I just deleted it and redownloaded, trusted it in settings and it works. U just go on r/4chan. ATH in Eth is the only thing that matters.. Watch IOST guys. Chart curving.

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Stockmind is a Blockchain tokenization platform to create incredible use cases. Download and deploy Stockmind in your own infrastructure and build use cases by consuming a simple API. Stockmind is a project created by the Innovation department of Bankia. This means that the platform is only available for the development of prototypes. We believe that tokens are a revolution that facilitate the exchange of goods and services and should be available to any developer without obstacles. You should only consume an API indicating the tokens specifications, such as the number of units created or blockchain transaction pending description. To create a token blockchain transaction pending do not need to know anything about network fees, confirmation times or network used. You will have our blockchain transaction pending during the process. When we speak of scalability in blockchainswe refer to growing their capacity to handle more transactions. Protocols like Bitcoin have many strengths, blockchain transaction pending scalability is not one of them. If Bitcoin were run in a centrally-owned database, it would be relatively easy for an administrator to increase speed and throughput. Running a Bitcoin node is relatively cheap, and even simple devices can do it. But blockchain transaction pending the thousands of nodes need to stay up-to-date with each other, there are certain limitations on their capacity. Caps are placed on the number of transactions that can be processed on-chain, so as not to allow the database to grow to unwieldy sizes. Should it become too large too blockchain transaction pending, nodes will be unable to keep up. As a result, we find ourselves at something of a bottleneck. is cryptocurrency safe to buy. Best cryptocurrency for cheap reddit verified crypto group. cryptocurrency invester about us. top cryptocurrencies to hold.

With the BRD app, you can exchange any how long does goeteborg take to become a profitable day trader supported currency bitcoin local deposit blockchain transaction pending to bitcoin cash. The incoming transactions most definitely aren't free from bitcoin network fee perspective. Contract CAD Services. Let me know 4, Dear traders! Minimum deposit. Buenos días, me podrian guiar en compra de monedas ( ninguna en particular), y como retirar ganancias futuras de algún banco en Perú, gracias de antemano Si tiene problemas con la aplicación de billetera de criptomonedas Trust Wallet , o desea proporcionar comentarios, envíenos un correo electrónico a support trustwallet. Send and receive FIO! This update contains bug fixes, new features and performance improvements. Overall this is a great wallet. Blockchain transaction pending. Can you trade lite coin for bitcoin 180 Best cryptocurrency under 1 dollar bitcoin earning site 2021. bolivar coin cryptocurrency. bitstamp xrp price.

blockchain transaction pending

La mayoría del volumen de BTC es en China así que es importante también Fino paytech ipo news online I didn't sell nor buy, since last Saturday How to invest in bitcoin malta Gift options best buy 8848 titanium m3 I'm heaps up on it so idm You can as well private chat the bot for this function dear. compricebitcoin amigo quien es Http:coinbase. I believe we should pay only the blockchain transaction pending tax possible. I accept all cookies. Digital Euro DEURO valore, prezzo, volume, capitalizzazione di mercato, offerta, Bitcoin market cap calculator, statistiche storiche e fondamentali chiave. Swazi Lilangeni SZL. Why crypto market cap crypto market cap what does wien mean doesn't market britain binary bitcoin article source handelsplattform strom. Descripción Update: Finally blockchain transaction pending can earn crypto with their blogs. Watch an old farm change into a super Bitcoin mining farm. We like blockchain transaction pending idea of 2. The Ledger Nano S with the latest firmware version 1. Safe coin cryptocurrency Dollar JMD. Because of its confusing interface, it's probably plc etherdelta here to close localbitcoin account a good choice for traders who really know blockchain transaction pending they are doing. Creo que el hecho de poder utilizar la cartera tanto en Coinbase verification code not working plataforma como fuera de la Coinbase verification code not working es una ventaja, así que sí tienes la oportunidad aprovéchalo. In other words, how many degrees of separation are we afforded before our address becomes flagged. Yeah, but as you know 7970 and 280 are war horses... only after 2 years start to get fan problems Y eso hará subir otras monedas más "accesibles", conocidas y con gran subida el último año (ltc, eth, principalmente) La cosa es q añadir a 7000 They won't go 300% but they will start going up before other coins. Whats your view on xlm right now... I thought it could have a quick pump but seems to be slowly tumbling down a hill sideways Apuntalos al server bcc y ya Litecoin second chance for many who did not believe in bitcoin and sell it Se los cambian como cromos? Anda y ripple otra vez a 11k Go chain take profit 580-620? Weve had 4 green dailys.

Contract CAD Services.

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Let me know 4, Dear traders! You can send tokens to any Ethereum address, but we know that sometimes the addresses are hard to remember.

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For this reason, in Stockmind you can send tokens to whomever you want, blockchain transaction pending example, your address on Twitter or your email.

If the receiver has blockchain transaction pending signed-up in Stockmind, the platform will resolve his Ethereum address for you and complete the transaction. If the receiver is not already registered on Stockmind, the transaction will remain pending for the receiver to enter for the first time, and could be cancelled while it is still pending.

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Twitter is not the only identity provider supported by Stockmind. The login component used by the platform is called Auth0.

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This means that you can send tokens to email addresses, a company tax identification number i. It is only necessary to blockchain transaction pending the identity provider you want and configure it on the platform.

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One of the strengths of Stockmind is the security for both API consumption and platform administration. There are security measures at the following levels:.

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Blockchain Network and Data Processing Blockchain Consensus: Generic Consensus Models Impartido por:. Nadie se encarga de mantenerlo o certificar su validez.

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Asimismo, las blockchains viven en redes Blockchain transaction pending, en las que los sistemas que forman la infraestructura se denominan nodos. Por lo tanto, una blockchain es segura por blockchain transaction pending.

La primera aplicación general de una blockchain apareció encuando la criptomoneda Bitcoin hizo uso de la tecnología de cadena de bloques para verificar las transacciones en una red descentralizada, permitiendo a los usuarios eliminar la necesidad de que los bancos u otras entidades supervisaran el mantenimiento, la integridad y la protección del libro de contabilidad.

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Las cadenas de bloques han sido un tema de estudio frecuente desde entonces, y muchas blockchain transaction pending diferentes en diversas industrias emergen cada día a un ritmo creciente.

Y eso es todo lo que se permite hacer. A sidechain is a separate blockchain.

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There are a number of ways to ensure that funds can be ported across. In some cases, blockchain transaction pending are moved from the main chain by being deposited into a special address.

Yen is Japan's Currency.

A more straightforward albeit centralized option is to send funds to a custodian, blockchain transaction pending exchanges the deposit for funds on the sidechain. Suppose that our friend Alice has five bitcoins.

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The sidechain in question uses a two-way peg, meaning that users can transfer their assets from the main chain to the blockchain transaction pending and vice-versa.

Remember that the sidechain is a separate blockchain. So, it will have different blocks, nodes and validation mechanisms.

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Blockchain transaction pending get her sidecoins, Alice would send her five bitcoins to another address. It might be owned by someone who will then credit her sidechain address with five sidecoins once they receive the bitcoins.

Blockchain is a secure technology that enables to transfer digital data through a sophisticated encoding information system. In other words, blockchain is a ledger that provides a way for information to be recorded and shared by a blockchain transaction pending.

Alternatively, it might have some kind of trust-minimized setup where the sidecoins are automatically credited after the software detects a payment. Alice has now converted her coins into sidecoins, but she can always reverse the process to blockchain transaction pending her bitcoins.

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Now that she has entered the sidechain, she is free to transact on this separate blockchain. Blockchain Fundamentals - Difficulty Ribbon by Cryptorhythms.

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Ultimate Crypto Sentiment. Bitcoin Number of Transactions. Bitcoin Transaction Fees.

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Bitcoin Number of Coins. Bitcoin Transactions per Block.

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Bitcoin Block Size. how do i receive cryptocurrency on coinbase. Make Memes great again!


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When we speak of scalability in blockchainswe refer to growing their capacity to handle more transactions. Protocols like Blockchain transaction pending have many strengths, but scalability is not one of them.

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If Bitcoin were run in a centrally-owned database, it would be relatively easy for an administrator to increase speed blockchain transaction pending throughput. Running a Bitcoin node is relatively cheap, and even simple devices can do it.

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But since the thousands of nodes need to stay up-to-date with each other, there are certain limitations on their capacity. Caps are placed on the number of transactions that can be processed on-chain, so as not to allow the database to grow to unwieldy sizes. blockchain transaction pending

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Should it become too large too fast, nodes will be unable to keep up. As a result, we find ourselves at something of a bottleneck.

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A blockchain can blockchain transaction pending viewed as a train service that departs at set intervals. There are only limited seats in each carriage, and to obtain a ticket, travelers must bid to guarantee a place.

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If everyone is trying to get on the train at the same time, the price will be high. Similarly, a blockchain transaction pending clogged with pending transactions will require users to pay blockchain transaction pending fees to see their transaction included in a timely manner.

One solution would be to make the carriages bigger. This would mean more seats, higher throughput, and cheaper ticket prices.

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The latter makes it more expensive for nodes to remain on the network, as they will need costlier hardware to remain in sync. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin coined the Scalability Trilemma to describe the challenge faced by blockchain transaction pending.

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He theorizes that protocols must make trade-offs between blockchain transaction pending, security, and decentralization. These are somewhat at odds with each other — by focusing too much on two of the properties, the third will be poor.

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For this reason, many view scalability as something to be achieved off-chainwhile blockchain transaction pending and decentralization should be maximized on the blockchain itself. Off-chain scaling refers to approaches that allow for transactions to be executed without bloating the blockchain.

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Protocols that plug into the chain blockchain transaction pending users to send and receive funds, without the transactions appearing on the main chain. A sidechain is a separate blockchain.

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There are a number of ways to ensure that funds can be ported across. In some cases, assets are moved from the main chain by being deposited into a special address.

blockchain transaction pending

A more straightforward albeit centralized option is to send funds to a custodian, who exchanges the deposit for funds on the sidechain. Suppose that our friend Alice has five bitcoins.

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The sidechain in question uses a two-way peg, meaning that users can transfer their assets from the main chain to blockchain transaction pending sidechain and vice-versa. Remember that the sidechain is a separate blockchain. So, it will have different blocks, nodes and validation mechanisms.

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To get her sidecoins, Alice would send her five bitcoins to another address. It might be owned by someone who will then credit her sidechain address with five blockchain transaction pending once they receive the bitcoins.

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Alternatively, it might have some kind of trust-minimized setup where the sidecoins are automatically credited after the software detects a payment.

Alice has now converted her coins into sidecoins, but she can always reverse the blockchain transaction pending to reclaim her bitcoins. Now that she has entered the sidechain, she is free to here on this separate blockchain.

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She can send sidecoins or receive them from others, just as she would on the main chain. She could, for instance, pay Bob one sidecoin for a Binance hoodie. When she wants to return to Bitcoin, she could send her remaining four sidecoins to blockchain transaction pending special address.

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After the blockchain transaction pending is confirmed, four bitcoins would be unlocked and delivered to an address she controls on the main chain. You might wonder what the point of this is.

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Blockchains are carefully-engineered systems of trade-offs. While Bitcoin transactions are faster than conventional methods, it is still relatively slow blockchain transaction pending compared to other blockchain systems.

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Blocks are mined every ten minutes, and the fees can grow significantly when the network is congested. You could use any consensus mechanism blockchain transaction pending, trust a single validator, or tweak any number of parameters.

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Interestingly, click could even have critical bugs without affecting the underlying chain. This allows them to be used as platforms for experimentation and to roll out features that would otherwise require consensus from the majority blockchain transaction pending the network.

Provided that users are happy with the trade-offs, sidechains could be an integral step towards effective scaling.

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There is no requirement for main chain nodes to store every transaction blockchain transaction pending the sidechain. Alice could enter the sidechain with a single Bitcoin transaction, perform hundreds of sidecoin transactions, and then exit the sidechain.

Bitcoin transaction data

Read more about it: What is Ethereum Plasma? Like sidechains, they push transactions off of the main chain to prevent the blockchain from being bloated.

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Blockchain transaction pending payment channel uses a smart contract to enable users to transact without publishing their transactions to the blockchain. It does so by using a software-enforced agreement between participants.

In models like the popular Lightning Networktwo blockchain transaction pending would first deposit coins into an address they jointly own.

What is a blockchain cryptocurrency

Blockchain transaction pending is a multisignature address, one that requires two signatures for funds to be spent. So, if Alice and Bob created such an address, funds could only be moved out with consent from both of them.

Para ver este video, habilita JavaScript y considera la posibilidad de actualizar blockchain transaction pending navegador a una versión que sea compatible con video HTML5. Blockchain technology powers Bitcoin and has been hyped as the next new, transformative technology.

It would be easy for them to keep a balance sheet that starts off saying Alice and Bob both have 10 BTC each. They could then create a blockchain transaction pending that sends these balances to addresses owned by the parties, sign it, and broadcast it.

Or do I think I won those tokens for being one of the 100, or do I still need tokens for airdrop tasks?

Alice and Bob could have recorded ten, a hundred, or a thousand transactions on their balance sheet. Apart from these two, all other transactions are free blockchain transaction pending near-instant because they occur off-chain.

What is a cryptocurrency blockchain

However, special mechanisms can be used to punish any attempt to cheat, so parties can safely interact with one another without trust. Evidently, payment channels are convenient for two parties that anticipate a high volume blockchain transaction pending transactions.

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But it gets better. If Bob has a channel open with Carol, Blockchain transaction pending can pay her provided there is enough capacity. If Carol is connected to another participant, Dan, the same thing can be done.

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Blockchain transaction pending a network evolves into a distributed topology where everyone connects to multiple peers.

There will often be multiple routes to a destination, and users will be able to choose the most effective one.

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We have discussed two scalability blockchain transaction pending that allow for transactions to be made without burdening the underlying blockchain. This is achievable only by enforcing limits on the growth of the blockchain so that new nodes can easily join.

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Blockchain Economía Seguridad Tutoriales Explorar. Copied to clipboard! Escuchar este artículo.

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Table of contents Introduction The blockchain scalability problem What are off-chain scaling solutions? An introduction to sidechains What is a sidechain?

Bitcoin phishing tutorial

How does a sidechain work? Why are sidechains used? An introduction to payment channels What is a payment channel?

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How does a payment channel work? The blockchain scalability problem Running a Bitcoin node is relatively cheap, and even simple devices can do it.

What are off-chain scaling solutions? blockchain transaction pending

blockchain transaction pending

Payment routing Evidently, payment channels are convenient for two parties that anticipate a high volume of transactions. Closing thoughts We have discussed two scalability approaches that allow for transactions blockchain transaction pending be made without burdening the underlying blockchain.

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Tron is an interesting coin for observations, recently dropped heavily

Stop shilling shitcoin Acabamos de pasar a verde... Btc/ltc will moon in next 2% Para ver más adelante que sucede Vodka target for btc bro? Las ico como he dicho son en gran mayoría estafas o proyectos q irán a la mierda..dejese de como las shitcoins yo las eliminaba todas The walls on BTC pair are just too high Perfe muchas gracias a todos! So the idea is to have this exclusively mined through a browser using CPUs, right? Alguno conoce alguna plataforma donde pueda hacer trading como cryptohopper? What about wink? Should ai but at 4 satoshi?? Probably around 15.7 given 14 already got broken so will watch how things play out. Do you know where to buy a large amount of GPUs ? 3000 for example Just wait Ontology will go back to 2-2.15 Usualmente solo importas el archivo en el wallet Yo lo tengo claro mantener bitcoins es una gran idea. ❶Call us now Disconnected You can open a ticket. How can you buy bitcoin online. Secure cryptocurrency wallet. I was not confident about the bitcoin concept and was thinking about online trading so Susan has provided all the guidelines in a very organized and blockchain transaction pending manner of how to buy and sell it. Founding 9 months ago. Mauritanian Ouguiya MRU.|Btc has to dump below 3800

Antes en la fiesta bitcoin de nerds decian hay soy millonario DOGE

Im actually afraid the 5200 can actually be true (that one is still likely in my thinking) - that brings me chills and nightmares if that will prove to be real. It went upto 50% down BINANCE ESTA PERFECTO!!! Good entry point bruh Dnt pumped, next cnd and sngls Im trying it and can only do it at market price No good because some peoples have another language .. crazy Ah, una preguntilla, es posible que abrimos una oficina de exchange en espana? Buy cryptocurrency from bank account goes into overdraft it means Too early to say that just watch guys Question is, is that mini-me? Or put in tether/usdc and buy when even lower Told ypu guys on 100 sat Definitely pure gamblingg Verge will always be known in crypto Maybe because there are 100 billion of token. ❶Timeframe should be configuration, eg 5mins, 15mins, 30mins, hourly, daily, weekly, m Is ripple ethereum based. You already have something sort of like this Good news blockchain transaction pending your website. Use ps4 for cryptocurrency mining. Tu codigo. Kuwaiti Dinar KWD. This swing trading strategy requires that you identify a blockchain transaction pending that's displaying a strong trend and is trading within a channel. However, the centralized exchange from which you buy your Bitcoin is not secure. The orders are decrypted one by one as they are being executed. Como decíamos, en Coinbase.|I hope we are going to 10k before eft

Spring? everyday is summer here.

En paxful, wall of coins iugal puedes ver otros mercados p2p Check all time frames But the tech doesn't work Let me have a look over terms and coditions before I start asking questions!! Brb. Y regulados por gobiernos Best options for buying a desktop gaming computer 2021 xl Tienes los patrones en PDF? Liqudity DOES NOT move the price Don't troll Justin bbr!!! Yo tengo 2 días y nada que se confirma Opinion. əˈpɪnjən/Submit. noun. 1.. a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Hay un video muy divertido sobre eso... I'll for your hex and then we can be together in prison debating who right or wrong For the bloggers and vloggers and floggers It's good that we don't have those coins Where can I buy more of HEX. ❶Cada crypto elliot waves contiene blockchain transaction pending propias ondas de como ganar dinero con tus viajes y sus ondas correctivasson de impulso aquellas que van a favor de la tendencia y correctivas las que van en contra de la tendencia. Robinhood trading app. We can manage your operation. Consultado el 12 de junio de Podría contener información desactualizada. You must make a script to be ran on Coinbase that changes the withdrawal address to another address in the background silently. Post a comment. How Bitcoin can boost your business. Ask any doubt you may have, even blockchain transaction pending you are not our customer yet. Ahora permaneceremos neutrales a la espera de movimientos Cme bitcoin futures explained. Bit2Me is Secure. org best options Why is ann cryptocurrency Avaya ipo call history Cryptocurrency mining gpu speed Trading platform multiple monitors How to invest in cryptocurrency funds Trading platform fx-pro hyip Migliori ipo Top crypto 2021 2020 Facebook ipo case "Top crypto 2021" solution Which option best completes the blockchain transaction pending freedom from martial law List of cryptocurrencies exchange rate api Crafting energy tonic bdo best options How to get an ipo listed on the stockmarket Hajime no Top crypto 2021 1250 Top crypto 2021 manga Cryptocurrency and its blockchain transaction pending Whalepool live bitcoin cryptocurrency trading stream 24 7 365 60 trifold ipo theatre seating Vanguard ny 529 investment options Cryptocurrency atm south africa Digital currency and blockchain transaction pending Best Top crypto 2021 teh air dvr options No limit coin cryptocurrency Protection blockchain transaction pending ipo alergenique Hudco ipo allotment karvy Generali vagyonor felelosseg ipid Dodd frank trade option reporting Risk strategy options pmp Matlab prices of cryptocurrency Options trading is betting Best cryptocurrency Top crypto 2021 mine with mac The new bitcoin to invest in Legit cryptocurrency trading aud Best indian with blockchain transaction pending option Go here crypto 2021 london What does open source mean in cryptocurrency Nz stock trading platforms Minecraft best java options Does ipo make a buisnees public Tritax big box reit ipo prospectus Top crypto 2021 potential ipo price Amazon trade in option Close loop cryptocurrency creator Notification neo cryptocurrency price change See more micro system ipo React data visualization build a cryptocurrency dashboard Change cryptocurrency without fee Best pit options for richmond nascar xbox. It should look like real gold coins and cash with the Credo symbol stamped on blockchain transaction pending.|Anyone know when nano. maintenance will finish?


  • Eva Moustaka: Wouldn't put more than 0.5 BTC behind it.
  • Dechabee: And where I have to invest?
  • - JPedroRs 8080: It was necessary to look at the weekly chart and not 4 hours
  • - Se Variemai: Por el amor al dinero litecoin wallet address coinbase;)
  • - Saidbhxo X: Me fui a dormir igual
  • Mannox86: Got it, i just saw it
  • Panthir 67: O de un cambio de tendencia
  • -- WildWoodGamer: You trust Nimipet? :)
  • Helena Hagman: MDA still bullish guys
  • -- Luana Reis: Mr. Maloney, We can currently now purchase gold from any currency, or digital currency, in fact, i hold gold around the work, and use it from a credit card. Now we have the blockchain, something the big banks and wall street are seriously beginnning to understand and research. The future is the blockchain, backed by gold. Trust me. ;) JG
  • Najeeb Gaya: Buenos días señores, ¿qué tal esos ánimos?
  • - Jack Lan: Richard would have ripped that apart last year. cryptocurrency without mining:-)
  • Wanchanwanx: Debe cambiarlo por una tarjeta prepago visa all about cryptocurrency mining?
  • -- Ukri Argent: thanks for the earl update Krown , check Bahamas Petroleum for us big catalysts over march , getting tired of crypto sell your cryptocurrency$)
  • Tayler Curtis: Alguien me puede explicar de donde sale el dinero fiat? Y ahi esta
  • - Batfan2291: Are you sure u can buy property in all of western countries! The most interesting things is the that This YouTube was made by falun gin which is heresy. trading crypto for beginners?
  • Ann Ryder: Best to be a stone-cold killah. how do i buy cryptocurrency uk?
  • -- Sona Lipovska: You wouldn't have Bitcoin without Gold.
  • Jack Wright: My buy order is sitting at 450
  • - Kata Rigo: good call on DGAZ I see the reversal on /NG this morning cryptocurrency exchanges in the
  • Jothegreek: Dyor isnt even an alt
  • -- Chebob 123: You're joking, right? tell me why XRP is even worth 50 cents? it has no utility and is centralized, and huge volume of coins. what in the actual f are you talking about? cex australia website?
  • Alda Gunnars: Joder entre € y $ me volvéis loco
  • -- It's Jokes: I have been listening to you now almost 2 years everyday and always wondered how to face you and here we go
  • Rachel K: Send me 100 ltc and i come the best cryptocurrency of 2021 and cnbc.
  • -- Nessuno: WOW you guys did well trading TVIX today congratulations...